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    The world’s largest collection of open access research papers

    Stay up to date with the latest Open Access research on COVID-19.


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      We provide seamless access to content and data, through our unique APIs

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    • 免费全球节点加速器

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    Whether to access data, use powerful tools or get your content harvested, join for free today

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    CORE is a not-for-profit service delivered by The Open University and Jisc



    Enterprise data services:

    • Fast and reliable machine access to data.
    • Text and data mine full texts from across many data providers.
    • Stay in sync or interact with CORE in real time.

    By integrating with CORE, we have significantly increased the number of research papers in the Naver Academic indexes. In fact, CORE is Naver’s largest provider of full text content. CORE’s data are now synchronised with Naver using CORE FastSync, reducing the amount of effort that would be needed to collect these data in traditional ways.

    Kim Sejin, Content Manager, Naver Academic Service

    The CORE team understand data mining. As an independent company, we had no obvious access to big, diverse scholarly data – a killer in our drive to develop classification algorithms. The CORE repository, available in bulk, was a breakthrough. Now our algorithms outperform even those from huge publishers.

    William Cullerne Bown, CEO ResearchResearch.com

    We are integrating CORE API into our product, panda加速器官网, because so far it is the open access portal that covers almost all open access content, provides easy to integrate API and has a powerful search querying engine. We want to make open access articles more easily accessible and more useful to researchers and the open public and we see CORE API as a way to speed that up.

    Viktor Botev, CTO, Iris AI AS
    Read more about how CORE is used in industry


    Our services are used and trusted by hundreds of academic institutions

    • Giving more than 20 million+ users free access to research papers every month.
    • Increasing the visibility of content in repositories and journals.
    • Tools and global scholarly analytics for institutions, funders and policy makers.

    CORE’s role in providing a unified search of repository content is a great tool for the researcher and extends the reach of the locally held content in our institutional repository, Open Research Online.

    Nicola Dowson, Library Services Manager at Open University

    Checking publication IDs and titles to establish the true scope of green open access at my institution. Possibly will be using CORE as part of my UG research project next year (studying with the Open University).

    David Walters, Open Access Officer, Brunel University

    We strongly believe on collaborative initiatives. This service provided by CORE will strengthen the visibility of Latin American scientific production by contributing to one of the main open access collection in the world and, at the same time, together we will provide value-added services to open access content for regional repositories. In fact, now our users will find similar content in global CORE collection, that is open, sustaining ecosystem without “paywalls”. We think that the integration of the recommender service is the first step for new collaborations to bring value add services to our users.

    Alberto Cabezas, Executive Secretary, LA Referencia

    As an Open Access advocate, CORE is an invaluable tool to demonstrate the potential of OA and when I show it to academic staff I can literally see the “penny drop” as they suddenly realise that potential for themselves. CORE also provides an opportunity to carry the discussion of OA beyond free to read to the immense potential of text mining, for example.

    Nick Sheppard, Repository Developer at Leeds Beckett University


    Microsoft partnered with CORE to link documents in the Microsoft Academic Graph with open access articles in CORE, as the datasets complement each other. The outcome is the world’s largest scholarly graph with both bibliographic information, including citations, and full texts of academic papers for machine processing.

    Kuansan Wang, Managing Director, MSR Outreach Academic Services

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    Dr. Paolo Manghi, Institute of Information Science and Technologies (CNR), Technical Manager at OpenAIRE

    Aggregation plays an increasingly essential role in maximising the long-term benefits of open access, helping to turn the promise of a 'research commons' into a reality. The aggregation services that CORE provides therefore make a very valuable contribution to the evolving open access environment in the UK.

    Ben Johnson, Research Policy Adviser

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    Joe Mcarthur and David Carroll, Founders of the Open Access Button

    With the integration of the CORE service into Lean Library, we’re expanding the coverage of open access articles significantly. We’re enthusiastic about working with the CORE team, and even more about continuing to simplify library services for all Lean Library users.

    Johan Tilstra, Founder of Lean Library
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